A downloadable game for Windows

Navigate your very own Hulda Clark Zapper using our mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. Zap the bugs to get high score. Tap on the speaker icon to play/mute an audio excerpt from Dr. Hulda Clark's books and learn all about the Zapper. Also included is Dr. Clark's 18 day Herbal Parasite Cleanse that remembers your progress, and can be cleared and used over and over. Fun, simple arcade game, with useful information. Don't tell anyone, but this fun to play game might be educational.


parasite-zapper.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download: parasite-zapper.zip
  2. Right click and choose, Extract All
  3. Open the new folder: parasite-zapper > win32exe
  4. Scroll down and double click: Parasite Zapper.exe

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